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About fifty countries in the world adopt today the Gendarmeries internal public force system. Being called Gendarmeries, Carabinieri, Constabularies, Troops, etc., all of them have in common specific characteristics, which differentiate them from other internal security systems. The main is coming from their military character, which determines as well their hierarchical organization as the status of their staffs, their modes of action or their equipment.

Far from disappearing, this internal security system is in full development as the re-creations of gendarmeries is showing in some Eastern Europe countries at the end of the XXth century or still the recent creation of new gendarmeries such as the Jordanian Gendarmerie in 2008 or the Mexican Gendarmerie in 2014. The appearance of new threats, the terrorism of course, but also some internal disorders risks growing up in some countries, the development of serious and organized crimes are certainly explaining the choice of this force system of which the intervention capacities in crisis situation is not to be demonstrated any more.

To date, no document is gathering all the information concerning these Forces. And nevertheless, these are interesting multiple bodies.

First of all the Government, those countries which are endowed with such Forces, in order to adapt their system according to the risks evolution; but also others, those who intend to also be endowed with such a means and that are looking for information that are liable to enlighten them on their choice.
The concerned administrations, themselves, in order to share their experiences, confront their methods of intervention. Of course, there are already places of exchange within international associative organizations such as the FIEP (French Gendarmerie, Italian Carabinieri, Spanish Guardia Civil, Portuguese National Guardia, Portuguese National police) or still the Eurasian Gendarmerie Force (Turkish Gendarmerie, Azerbaijan Gendarmerie, Kyrgyzstan Gendarmerie, Gendarmerie of Mongolia) or still from official bodies such as the FGE (European Gendarmerie Force). But no global information exists.

Certainly Private companies, French or foreigners, producers and exporters of security and defence means, can only be interested in such information. The field is huge and immense, from dress and clothes equipment up to the heavy armament and the various vehicles (armoured ground vehicles, helicopter, high speed boats, etc.), including all computing, electronic and video surveillance equipment production.

It is to answer to a more and more pressing that the French Gendarmerie History and Heritage National Society decided to register in its 2015-2016 Present time History program the publication of a work gathering, under the shape of a directory, a maximum of information, for the use of multiple addressees, on the Gendarmeries of the World.


Already well advanced, the project is a work in paper version and in digital version of about 400 pages in the A4 size, gathering, in an identical shape, files of 6 to 14 pages each one, concerning approximately 45 gendarmeries of the world. This document is bilingual, in French and in English (facing each other, even number pages in French, odd number pages in English). It is mainly intended and proposed for foreign countries and will be widely distributed in the foreign gendarmeries, in all French embassies abroad as well as in all the foreign embassies in France.

The first edition planned for May, 2016 does not claim to be able to be exhaustive. So an every two years update is envisaged in order to obtain quickly the publication of the most complete product and the most precise possible.

The advertising will finance this large-scale project. For that purpose, the French Gendarmerie History and Heritage National Society has delegated the search for the potential announcers to the Press Edition National Advertising agency. So, it has accredited, with this company, the colonel of gendarmerie from the reserve list Raymond CARTER, the references of whom can be found on the Wikipedia site, assisted by commercial agents of NEP society.



The SNHPG is an association the purpose of which is “to promote the history of the gendarmerie and to emphasize its heritage, within the gendarmerie, in the higher education and research Institutions, in any other institution, with the elected representatives and other political decision-makers, the persons responsible and in charge of administrations and the general public, in France and abroad”. Created in 2004, the former directors and the inspectors of the French Gendarmerie, Gendarmerie officers and historians administer it.

It publishes two reviews, one biannual “History and Heritage of the Gendarmes”, the other one annual "Public Force/Police" as well as works with historic character. It organizes History colloquiums. 34 communications of the last History international colloquium that it organized in Paris on June, 2013, gathering speakers of 27 countries of the world, can be listened to on the site of the SNHPG:


The files below reproduce, as examples, five representative books of this type of force in different countries of the world:
- the Argentine Gendarmerie;
- the Italian Carabinieri;
- the Jordanian Gendarmerie;
- the Gendarmerie nationale of Côte d’Ivoire;
- the Senegalese National Gendarmerie.

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general (R) of the french gendarmerie Georges PHILIPPOT
                doctor in history
                president of the National Society
History and Heritage of the Gendarmerie

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